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Roman Alcántara Bridge across the River Tajo, Cáceres Province, Extremadura, Spain
We build too many walls and not enough bridges.”  Isaac Newton, 1642-1727

Visconti strives to be the link between what should never be separated: People, ideas, art, and culture.

Thoughts need to be expressed, words need to be set in stone. “Scripta manent, verba volant”, Caius Titus once said, speaking in front of the Roman Senate. This means that no matter how important and meaningful a thought or a speech could be, it has to be written down so that all people might learn from it.

During that time of the Ancient Roman Empire, one of the most important positions was the Pontifex – or the role of the bridge builders. Our Roman ancestors knew that building bridges wasn’t just a way to cross dangerous waters; it was a means to learn from other peoples’ cultures. It had to be done with great precision and skill.
This role of the ancient Pontifex is one Visconti takes on in our modern times: we are the bridge connecting heart to paper, past to present, present to future.
Ponte Vecchio Bridge, Florence

This was our inspiration when we designed the clip of our pens. Although the gently curved arch, like that of the Roman bridge, represents an ancient symbol, its shape is very simple, practical and modern. Past and present are represented in the very same item, which we consider one of Visconti’s characteristic traits.

Visconti European Constitution 2004 Celebratory Fountain Pen

As a company Visconti will always pursue such values of connecting our past, present and future.

Visconti’s NATO-Russia 2002 summit pen was used to sign the document which officially put an end to Cold War. As the pen sailed over the manuscript, leaving a steady and smooth trail of ink behind, treaties were signed, peace was ensured and history was written for all people to learn from. The bridge connected man to man, and the pen recorded History.
NATO - Russia Summit, 2002
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