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Claudio Mazzi, Master of Arts

Here at Visconti we consider creativity and passion for fine arts one of our main assets. Therefore we take pride in cooperating with some of the most reknown artists worldwide. In this article we're introducing Mr. Claudio Mazzi, the artist who's behind some of the most beautifully painted limited edition pens that were ever created. His handwork, unrivaled in the field, is something that attracts art lovers and pen collectors from the whole country and beyond.
We had a brief interview with him so that you can read of his activity from his own words.
Staff: How did you start your career in visual arts? When did you use an airbrush for the first time?
Mr. Mazzi: I started my career as a commercial artist and illustrator. Thirty years ago, at the graphics studios I was working for,I used an airbrush for the first time and it was love at first sight! That moment changed my whole life and directed it towards a path which I’m still happily following.
S: How do you relate with arts in general? Is there a field in visual arts you feel more attached to?
M: Sculpture, photography, paintings, I love all forms of visual arts. I’ve been studying the Masters of the past, interpreting them in my works. I think that this is the deepest way to “read” an artist. When I dedicate a pen to a Great Master of the past, I always ask myself: “how would have he done it?”



S: Is there an artist you're particularly fond of and who inspires you the most?
M: I have multiple interests and I alternate them: as we speak I’m finishing the “Klimt phase” after which I’ll spend some quality time with Renoir; I don’t know what’s expecting me in a couple of months, I try not to exclude any arts' school or movement in my personal researches. Some artists like Bourguereau or Canova gave me lots of satisfaction while working on my own personal interpretations.




S: If you were to pick some of the most important moments in your career...

M: My career took a peculiar turn when, fifteen years ago, when I got to know the collectors’ world, in particular regarding pens and lighters. I met collectors’ enthusiasm and passion, which motivated me and literally filled me up with energies.It would take way too long to list each of my works or the moments that were important to me. I can mention though that I was gratified to be chosen by the Royal Families of many countries to give a shape to their artistic dreams. Also, it was very important to me the time I spent in Saudi Arabia.

prince Philippe.jpg


re arabia eng600.jpg
S: How did your collaboration with Visconti start?
M: I was looking for a pen which would fit my collectors’ needs and I considered Visconti to be the top brand for many reasons: it's an italian company, whose creativity and innovativity had always struck me. That's why I chose Visconti.
Dante Del Vecchio, the company's founder, at the very same time chose me. He thought I was the right person to realize some works for his collectors. My first experience with Visconti took place when we collaborated in the making of the "Dragon" collection.
venice carnival600.jpg
S: Your "One-of-a-kind" collections are very successful. Is there a typical Mazzi's customer? If so, how would you describe him?
M: Well, hard to say. I can easily describe how a Mazzi customer is NOT, though. A Mazzi customer ISN'T a passive items' hoarder.
My collectors study my works with love and dedication, and then they choose wisely. They impatiently wait for new collections to be realeased and sometimes they travel thousands of kilometers in order to show up at a new pen's presentation.
They're also constructively critics and love to share and discuss between each other about their passion. In one word, I'd define them "fantastic"!

S: What's the work of yours which represents you the most?
M: This is the question I'd never like to hear (smiles); each of my pens contains a little bit of my person. There is a little of myself, for example, in the images depicting the natural environment I live and work in; in the paintings that show fine arts history, my great passion; in the images of the beautiful italian cities, which I feel part of myself. There are too many pens representing myself for me to pick from!
We'd like to deeply thanks Mr. Mazzi for his time, we're sure that those who already appreciate Visconti will find, in the Master's works, more reasons to choose us.  You can find more informations about his work and his prestigious club here.
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