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A Day With Visconti

On the 14th of June 2013, Visconti was pleased to open its doors to a Dutch delegation including its Dutch distributor and the most important dealers from the beautiful “country of tulips.”

The meeting was scheduled to start at 10 a.m. and it lasted the whole day, although it was so pleasant that time seemed to pass quickly! Participants traded expertise and shared their different experiences with each other while Visconti founder Dante Del Vecchio told them everything about the company: its history, working techniques, and everything that happens behind the scenes.

Dante Del Vecchio with Bart Koster from Pennenland, the Dutch distributor

“…and what started as a business partnership soon became a friendship: he’s trustworthy, dynamic and proactive…” D. Del Vecchio, speaking of Bart Koster

Breaking the ice


The guests quickly showed enthusiasm and curiosity and the ice was soon broken. Mr. Del Vecchio presented projects and concept art drawing showing historical Visconti pens which he designed with the gracious help of Maria Carla Benedetti, who manages the Design, Marketing and Advertising area.

Before the official tour through Visconti’s workshops took place, Roberto Sacchi, the company’s versatile Export Sales Manager, presented latest Visconti’s challenge: the watches!The picture is just a taste of what is to come. Do not worry, the Blog Staff will soon examine them in depth…just stay tuned with us!

Roberto Sacchi (Export Sales Manager) with Maria Carla Del Vecchio (Design, Marketing and Advertising Manager)

A walk in the courtyard

…some people could say that working inside a Renaissance villa might not be efficient but for our job it's inspiring...D. Del Vecchio


The visit started with a nice walk around through the surrounding area, made even more pleasant by the wonderful sunny weather that day.

Mr. Del Vecchio proudly showed the peaceful green area where the Renaissance Villa is located: definitely a delightful place to work in.

Inside Visconti

…some might call them employees or workers . For me they’re simply familyD. Del Vecchio


Mr. Del Vecchio showed how Visconti works. It’s a peculiar and pleasant environment, definitely not the usual factory of “all-machine-no-man.” Dante’s approach is this: each team member, whatever his mission is, might have brilliant ideas; therefore everyone is carefully listened to and valued.

A Visconti pen is supposed to be a lifetime companion, therefore we work hard to have what is generally acclaimed as one of the best after-sale service in the fountain pen field…” D. Del Vecchio

The guests were shown working techniques, machines and the Assistance and Repair service.As our friends from Holland were able to witness, everything is well organized and functional.” Every single detail is taken care of.


The Mecca Limited Edition in its final working stage


Mr. Del Vecchio showing the “river machine”, which simulates a river (with its pebbles and debris) that removes the working residues and smoothens the pen.

The tour ended at around 12AM, just in time for a meal.Visconti had prepared a delicious light lunch, which was the occasion for the guests to gather their thoughts and exchange comments and annotations on the tour.The last part of the meeting was a “round table” about the pen market’s situation and the pen selling system.

Mr. Sacchi engaged in showing statistics and taking orders.

It was a long and busy day and everyone was greatly enriched. What had started as a working meeting ended as a friendly and, why not, amusing encounter between people who share and live by the same passion.

Thanks to everyone for showing such interest, we appreciated your visit very much and we really look forward for your next visit!

The guests were:

Bart Koster, Gerardus Maria Van Leeuwen for Pennenland

Johannes Petrus Maria Appelboom for Appelboom

Peter Hans Arthur van Blanken for Van der Meer

Martijn Haasbeek for Haasbeek

Mark Rakers for Arnhem

Stefan Hendrik Adrianus Nahuijsen, Arie Willem Nahuijsen for Lorje

Huibertje Daniel de Groen and Huibertje Hendrina van del Plas for De Groen

Jacqueline Mengerink Deen, Alexander Hendricus Johannes Mengerink for De Roos

Ellen Francoise Annemarie Bijl, Albert Cornelis Stijsiger for Akkerman Amsterdam

Pierre Lieuwe ten Hoope for Kantoorshop




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