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DreamTouch Palladium Nib

We have always believed that Visconti’s role in the fountain pen market is to renew and refresh the whole field. We do not like to copy others’ inventions and successes, as valuable as they might be, because we’re used to making our own path, innovative, and exploring new areas.

With this in mind, after years of research we introduced to the world our Palladium Dreamtouch Nib. Our primary concern is to give our customers a unique experience and we felt that palladium was the most suited alloy.

“… the nib will follow your dream…”  D. Del Vecchio

There are many technical reasons behind our decision to invest time and dedication in such a particular material, but the most important aspect we considered was our keyword: uniqueness.

The Palladium nib follows its user’s hand and molds to it in a special way.

We used to say that this nib has its own memory: The tines will spread and adjust in accordance to its owner’s writing style. As we all have different hands, each fountain pen will write in a different way – unique to its owner.

In Visconti we believe that our dreams define who we are; the Palladium nib, with its personal touch, will allow people to shape and improve the world with the power of words.

Technically speaking, palladium is more flexible than gold, which is less “personal” due to its stiffness. It is also very resistant to corrosion and allows a micrometric precision while being operated by machines. We want our pens not just to be functional, we want them to be precious too. Therefore we use palladium in its almost pure form. Our nibs are 23kt branded!

Dreamtouch Nibs are one of our high-end pen parts and one of Visconti’s own distinctive traits. Look for the “PD 23kt” imprint on your fountain pen.  This means you’ve found a loyal and understanding lifetime companion.
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