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From the primordial oceans of a prehistoric Earth,here's the new Visconti Homo Sapiens Crystal. As the through the whole world was shaken by the fury of the elements, volcanoes erupted everywhere and most of the Earth's surface was made of deep seas. This powerful scenario is what we had in mind as we created the Homo Sapiens, one of our most successful pens. The new version is inspired exactly by those enraging seas which dominated our planet ages ago.
If Fire was the dominant element in the previous Homo Sapiens iteration, its Justaxposed force, Water, is the pen's main theme.
Water is never still, it flows and it's never the same. It can make canyons out of small fissures, it can't be stopped or captured, just like our creativity, like a good idea. And exactly like a thought, it always change is the key for growth and it's synonim to evolution. The bluish/greenish hues of the pen's body, with their mesmerizing swirls, will differ from pen to pen, so that each piece is truly unique, just like ourselves as human beings.
We made only 1000 pieces, as we wanted it to be a special collector's item.
Let's go back to few years ago and spend some words about the model which gave the birth to the whole series.
It was 2010 when we first introduced what in very short time became a real classic: the Visconti Homo Sapiens in bronze.
The material in this pen is was antique as the world itself: volcanic lava coming directly from the Etna Volcano.This material has several characteristics that render the unique in the manufacturing of writing instruments. Visconti had successfully produced a material containing over 50% of pure basaltic lava, melt together with resin in a patented phormula whose extraordinary characteristics made the pen perfectly fit to be used as a daily writing instrument.
The first version was embellished with bronze trims; this material, over time, develops a peculiar patina which gives the pen the aged looks we wanted it to represent.

As the original Homo Sapiens in bronze was greatly appreciated all over the world, we released another version in different sizes and with steel trims.
The Homo Sapiens line had a particularly important role in our entire production because it was the first model issuing our patented Dreamtouch nib, made in palladium. A great breakthrough in the fountain pen field which had an incredibly positive feedback among our customers.
The Homo Sapiens line, from its bronze origin to the Crystal model, is one of our very distinctive traits. Whoever holds them, holds an important piece of our pen making history.
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