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"Self Portrait", 1889. Oil on canvas. It is displayed at the Musée d'Orsay
 “I put my heart and my soul into y work, and have lost my mind in the process” Vincent Van Gogh.

This single quote, from the painter whose work we took inspiration from, could very well synthetize the spirit and will that guides us throughout our pen-making  activity: we pour heart and soul into our creations, not always following what cold reason would suggest. Van Gogh was a dreamer, his heart never at rest: you can tell by the  way his brush touched the canvas. At times  gentle and controlled, at times vehement and hasty, his restless hand reflected the turmoil in his mind. This is the same force that pushes us onto always experimenting new techniques, discovering new paths and, why not, doing arts for art’s sake.




We have always been proud of having brought colors into the fountain pen field since the very first model we created and with the Van Gogh we continued on such path. Each model of the Van Gogh line is inspired by a specific drawing from the artist, the resin they're made with is specifically turned to resemble the peculiar style of the opera they recall. Since there is a lot of handcrafting involved in creating these pens, there will never be two pens that will look the same, exactly as would happen with two hand painted drawings!

"The Sunflowers" is a series of painting Van Gogh drawed in 1888-1889. The artist was particularly fond of that subject


The particular resin the pen is made of and its faceted body grants the writer a perfect grip. We specifically studied a material that could at the same time feel comfortable in the hand but also very ilght although solid. The pen doesn't just look stunning; it can be the perfect companion through long writing sessions! After all this is a goal we strive to reach: functionality AND looks.The first models we released were the "Sunflowers", the "Starry Night" and the "Room in Arles", followed by the "Portrait". We have already designed twelve different models, which we will disclose and put on the market one by one, over time.

"I had wished to express utter repose with all these very different tones" Van Gogh, letter to Gaugin about "Bedroom in Arles" painting.

The "Room in Arles" pen doesn't simply has the same colors as the painting it takes inspiration from; this peculiar resin and color patterns also replicated Van Gogh's typical brush's stroke too!

Although "good things come to those who wait" proverb might indeed prove true in many occasions, we understand that our friends and fan might not be that calm and patient when it comes to pens, therefore we also released the entire set: it'll give you the chance to get all the pens at once and before they're individually released.

Each Van Gogh pen comes with a finely engraved Visconti steel nib and has a cartridge/converter filling system so that it can be used with bottled ink too.

Van Gogh Complete Set

"If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint', then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced". This is what Van Gogh once told and the same goes for us: whenever someone say that something we believe in can't be done, it's too difficult, risky or seemingly crazy or impossible, we just "silence that voice" and keep pursuing our dreams. This is the force that always allowed us to set new standards,to break through technological barriers and to make our arts as a unique brand in the fountain pen field. The same sparkling energy we'll never stop feeding.


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