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Maki-e Arts (Part IV): Tarots

With the Tarots limited edition fountain pen we pursued an incredibly ambitious goal: to produce a synthesis between Florence history and culture and Japanese traditional arts. Master Oshita's incredibly skilled hands have managed to paint one of the most important symbols which mixes esoterism with play, culture with mundanity.
In 2006 we did an in-depth heraldic research on Visconti's family who dominated the Italian Middle Ages from 1250 till the Renaissance when they finally united with another important dynasty the Sforzas.
When Bianca Maria Visconti married Francesco Sforza a still unknown artist was commissioned a pack of tarots that took the same name of this important family. Nowadays Viscontis’ tarots are to us among the oldest known, although incomplete we can still admire the original packs at the Pierpont Morgan Library of New York.

The collection tarots editor Scarabeo of Turin has recently restored and re-edited this famous pack in a gold leaves illuminated edition. We couldn't miss the chance to celebrate the very roots of our origins and an important piece of our culture's mosaic and produced a limited edition fountain pen set composed of four pens, each representing a different Tarots figure: the chariot and the wheel fo fortune, the world and the lovers, the sun and the moon, the devil and the tower.



In the pictures above you can admire Master Oshita's extraordinary skills. His dedication was touching and each pen took months to be completed. He gave birth to paintings which can be considered the very synopsys of japanese decorative arts and he succeeded in the incredibly difficult task to include the most beautiful and hard to master maki-e styles on a single pen body.
The flat patterns were painted using the "hira maki-e" technique, while those in relief were made in "taka maki-e". Soukou Oshita also put his very soul into some shiny and hypnotic reflections, obtained through the "raden"(mother of pearl) material and techniques.
Thanks to the "hyomon" golden and silver inserts, the whole pen is surrounded by a peculiar aura of magic and the feeling while holding and observing it is simply mesmerizing.



The Tarots fountain pen was produced in just 78 pieces worldwide. It issues a smooth and precious 18kt gold nib and is presented in a handcrafted briarwood box made by Florence artisans. Inside the package you'll find the tarot cards pack.

We're very proud of our Tarots fountain pen as it represents our brand at its best, as one of our main goals is to unite peoples, cultures and histories which geographically are very far apart.

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