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The New Millionaire Collection is out

Visconti Millionaire Collection

History, Innovation and Pure Beauty


Since its birth, Visconti has always been the bridge between Tradition and Innovation, Arts and Technology, Past and Present. With the Millionaire Collection we added another tile to the mosaic of excellence we're building day by day as we chose a material that had never been before in the fountain pen field: marble.
Through history, the best quality marble has been used to build the most important buildings, such as cathedrals or institutions' headquarters due to its decorative and functional qualities.
With the Millionaire Collection we wanted to represent Luxury, Beauty and Functionality at their best and we're very proud of the result we achieved.



Operating the marble requires the highest degree of skill and precision. We are proud of the result our artisans managed to achieve: a very thin layer of marble which at the same time is resistant and shows all the visual qualities of the so called "gleaming stone".
This pen truly represents Florence's sense of Arts and Workmanship.



This collection issues four different types of marble: Portoro Black, Issoire Green from the Alps, Valencia Cream and Rain Forest Brown. Each pen comes from 3cm marble pieces which are ground and worked on through a complicated process during which they're internally hollowed, reinforced, polished and finally applied on the supporting parts, which are made of resin turned from full bars.


The Millionaire Collection is a limited edition made of only 988 fountain pens (convertible in rollerbal pens). Visconti's pens are considered by collectors around the world pieces of Art, but our pens are in the first place writing tools and we want your writing experience to be completely untroubled and serene; therefore we implemented on this collection an international insurance policy against all kinds of accidental damage.
You'll only have to write, we'll take care of the rest!





We think that no detail should be neglected, therefore we gave our pens a luxurious wooden lacquered box, which will be the perfect complement to your desktop as it's a distinctive decoration itself. You'll also have the chance to get the whole fountain pen and cufflinks set in its luxury box which was specifically designed to host the these precious works of art.




The Millionaire collection is matched by our marble cufflinks collection, for a 360 degrees Visconti Experience. Feel the luxury on yourself and at the same time wear a piece of timeless history.

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