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New Rembrandt 2016 Khaki Green

New Rembrandt 2016 Khaki Green

Pen collectors around the world will be pleased to know that we just released a new creation in the Rembrandt collection: khaki green color version is out!
Adding a new color combination is a moment we always like to celebrate, as it's strictly connected to our own history: since our birth, the first breakthrough we brought into the fountain pen field was to deliver colors in a market that was largely charachterized by black. What we did was rising and winning a great challenge, while changing the way this field was perceived by most.
This year we are proud to introduce the "Khaki Green" Rembrandt version. Inspired by the painter's mesmerizing hues and palettes, we can safely say that each pen, as much as the artist's paintings, is unique in its different veins and shades. The resin of the pen's body gives the writer a smooth and delicate tactile feeling, making the whole writing experience pleasant and relaxing.
Greenish hues in khaki shades can be found in some of Rembrandt's masterworks such as Belshazzar's Feast and Saskia and the Flora where green pigments are juxtaposed against dark surroundings to create dramatic contrasts, while giving the viewer unique feelings.
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