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Pacta Sunt Servanda

Over the centuries, our Roman ancetors had developed a complex, articulated and very functional civil law system; their proverb “pacta sunt servanda”, which means “agreements are to be kept,” was originally born in reference to contracts. Such deals, whose execution happened in many forms, were considered law between the contracting parties.
This is the most important principle that still inspires our contracts regulations.
As time passed, the proverb’s meaning was deeply extended and it now refers to the most important international custom all countries observe: “international treaties are never to be violated.”

The pen is mightier than the sword”  Edward Bulwer-Lytton (1803-73), “Richelieu”, Act 2 Scene 2

It’s universally known how important a signature is today; a handshake is not enough anymore. Humanity has always felt  the need to set things in stone by writing them down.
At Visconti we have always been fascinated by the power of the written agreement: it can move tradegoods between distant continents, amuse or touch people’s souls, paint States’ borders, or set human rights and principle into law.

We always strive to be part in such important movements.  In other words: we want our pens to write history.

Visconti NATO-Russia Summit 2002 Celebratory Fountain Pen

For example, we had a role in the summit which put an ending to Cold War – the memorable NATO-Russia Summit held in 2002. The treaty was signed with our celebratory limited edition fountain pen (only 2,002 pieces were made). Back then we were still a young company but we were quickly standing out in the fountain pen market, which was why Italian Government chose us. It was a great responsibility and honor at the same time!


The pen is in black lucite. The glass accents present in this material make this writing instrument brilliant, shiny and pleasantly smooth to the touch. Its classical form in inspired by our milestone pen “Voyager.” On the inside is a built-in Visconti power filler. The Italian flag’s colors on the cap are a reminder of its “Made in Italy” origins. The 18kt gold nib makes this fountain pen a precious collectors item. A timeless piece!
Visconti European Constitution 2004 Celebratory Fountain Pen

We also celebrated the European Constitution (Rome, 1st of January 2004) with a limited edition fountain pen made in just 1,200 pieces. It is another precious collector’s writing instrument with its two-toned 18kt gold nib and characteristic “squaring the circle” Visconti shape. Its blue resin body was inspired by Europe’s chromatic choice.
President of the USA Barack Obama holding a Divina G8, with Nicolas Sarkozy at the G8 2009 Summit in L’Aquila

The Italian Government, due to the previous experiences’ successes, again chose Visconti to represent Italy’s finest workmanship during the 2009 G8 Summit in L’Aquila (Italy) from July 8th to July 10th. We were there with our Divina G8, which was the complimentary State Gift for the 60 attendants.

This is another pen in black lucite, like the Nato-Russia 2002 Summit, and writes with a 14kt gold nib. The filling system is a Visconti-patented Pull&Turn piston. Only 2,009 lucky owners all over the world are enjoying this pen today. The cap is decorated with the Italian flag so that all the State Representatives will always carry a small portion of our beautiful country into their pockets!
Visconti Divina G8 Celebratory Fountain Pen

As we stated before, one of our most important missions is to be the bridge between countries and people; we believe that signing a peace treaty or a charter of rights is the most effective way to build long-lasting bridges, and we will always do our best to carry out this purpose.
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