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Pen Collection 2017

Visconti has presented  the 2017 Pen Collection during the International Meeting held in Florence with Distributors.
The meeting has seen a large and active partecipation of World Wide Visconti distribution network, who have seen in preview the new Collecction.
The new collection is a very well balanced mix of continuity with Regular FP, some of them refreshed with new colour / finishing, as well as of the very well known Visconti's creativity which led to new products.
As usual Visconti has confirmed to have in its DNA a great capability to imagine new ideas,  and then convert these ito wonderful product ,m thanks to its production skills
Collection 2017 sees  a clearer and more complete segmentation of products:
  6  Regular lines
     Van Gogh
     Pininfarina Design
     Homo Sapiens
  5 Limited lines
     Watermark ( pen of the year 2017)
     Route 66
 4 HRH lines
    Pico the Alchemist
Limited lines will be clearly defined as limited thus giving the maximun valure to collecto
Visconti is back again to presente HRH pens which include not only Gold or precious stones pens, but in general very high end pens.
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