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Ragtime Rhythm

Ragtime was a musical genre which was popular between the end of the 1800s to the 1920s . It originated as a dance music in the red-light districts in New Orleans and St. Louis and it was a symbol of the groovy and lively African American community’s bands.
Ragtime couldn’t be defined in just a few words, it was a mix of many different rhytmes, with one trait in common: the need to express an unstoppable and frantic passion for life in all its forms.
In 1991 we released the Ragtime fountain pen. It was the second pen we created, after the Classic (1988).
With the Ragtime fountain pen we wanted to convey the ragtime era message and create a n object whose groove could be transferred to its user just by handling it.
Just like the ragtime music, the pen was a juxtaposition between different syncopated rhytmes: it had a classical feel as it was made entirely of celluloid, the main material of the vintage masterpieces, but was also designed to shake people’s soul with its different colous, shades and reflections…this pen definitely contained a joyous tension between opposed concepts!
The Ragtime Fountain Pen, 1988
It was released in blue, cinnabar (orange with black shades), blonde (pearl black) and green.
We wanted this pen to represent the core of Visconti's principles , therefore we invested a lot in its materials: the perfect complement for the celluloid couldn’t be anything other than gold.
We also gave some of our Ragtime pens a glass nib, recalling a vintage glory.
The Ragtime was very successful, so we reissued it in 1994 and again in 1999. We used different materials such as black lucite, the one we also used later for the NATO-Russia Summit 2002 and the Divina Black.
In 2008 we celebrated our 20th Anniversary; we decided to bring back to glory our first completely in-house designed creation and we created the Ragtime 20th Anniversary Limited Edition (only 1988  were produced, representing Visconti's year of foundation)
The Ragtime 20th Anniversary Limited Edition
Since its original release, so many years had passed and so many advances were made in the fountain pen technology and technique field. This new Ragtime is made of “acryloid”, a material we obtained operating the acrylic resin with some celluloid inceptions.
The result is an almost three-dimensional visual effect: tiny sparkling dots shine under a colorful, brilliant and glossy surface. Acryloid takes advantage from both celluloid and acrylic worlds and molds them into something unique: there will never be two pens that look exactly the same.
Clip Detail
Nib Detail
Just like the original, it has a gold nib and it’s filled by operating a piston (you have to remove the blind cap on the pen's bottom in order to do that).
Also the clip is the same although there is the  “Anniversary 1988-2008” inscription and the identification number (xxx/1988).
Like almost every Visconti pen, it can be customized thanks to the magnetic My-Pen System: you can put your initials or a different decoration on the cap.

We were particularly glad to release the Ragtime Anniversary Edition; when we look at it we recognize the enthusiasm we had when we were starting the Visconti adventure, the same sparkling energy that still drives us to develop new designs, techniques and concepts, the same force that makes us stand out from the crowd.


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