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Ripple: waves of creativity

The birth of an idea is a mysterious, magic moment. We're all creative, in our own different ways, and when we have that thought, the one we know it'll change something in people's lives or in just our own, we always notice it.
It works exactly like throwing a rock into a pond: immediately ripples start to emanate from the point where the stone first touched the water's surface. What seemed like something insignificant, turns to be a great idea, a wonderful creation of art or a thought that can change the world.
This is basically what happens in Visconti as our brains and our hearts work on our new offsprings.
With the limited edition Ripple fountain pen we wanted to celebrate the creative process itself. The "thought" is represented by circular waves that envelope the marbled resin body. The "waves" are crafted with sterling silver, which is painted using a special process, the same technique that is used to paint the most important and high luxury italian brand cars.
Precious and resistant materials, along with the special and unique design, aren't the only Ripple's distinctive traits; the pen also issues  the Visconti patented double-reservoir power filler, the most efficient and innovative filling system in the fountain pen field; such system is considered the epitome and sum of functionality, fine technicalities and huge ink capacity.
Through our history, we've produced different versions inspired by the same design, as we periodically feel the need to emphasize the process of creation. One of our most recent creatures is the Carbon Dream, born from the collaboration between Visconti's creative teams and Carbon Dream's technicians and engineers. Our experience in the arts field, along with Carbon Dream's expertise in researching new materials (for car producers such as Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari and many more) has resulted in a very particular pen, whose carbon fiber material is interrupted by the clear parts that let the user check (and - why not - admire) the colored ink inside. Thanks to its material, this pen is light in spite of its size.
Only 993 pieces were produced, celebrating the Carbon Dream brand, that was founded in 1993.
Vermeil Rose Gold Ripple
The Ripple's design has been very successful and we made some iterations specifically for our authorized dealers. Above, the elegant Sterling Silver/Black Resin and the Vermeil Rose Gold/White Resin versions that were made in collaboration with Mr. Greer's Chatterley Pens .
In our history we've innovated a lot in terms of design, we've registered an incredible number of licenses but still, after so many years, ripples of creativity are  running wild through the sea of our inventiveness.
(Thanks to the skilled florentine photographer Michela Serraglini for the opening picture).
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