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Smartouch Tubular Nib

Fountain pens have deep roots in ancient history.  Although our beloved writing instrument  was probably developed around 1800, there are Da Vinci’s sketches and blueprints depicting  a pen with an ink reservoir from 1500 . There are also many other examples of fountain pens’ prodromes appearing in different times of human history. Ancient as it may be, the fountain pen is still alive and healthy. Visconti has contributed much in renewing, reinventing, and adapting it to modern needs and uses.

Da Vinci's "first fountain pen" blueprint


With the Smartouch Tubular Nib the company took Tradition by the hand and led it to Modernity. Its design links style with functionality in an innovative and unique way


The tip, unlike traditional nibs, allows the user to handle the pen at any angle. The pen will write smoothly and flawlessly even while being held vertically on the paper. The Smartouch system lets the pen adapt to its owner.  Not the other way around! The tubular shape envelopes the feed, so that the pen can stay uncapped for long periods of time and still promptly start writing again without any need for rinsing or shaking.


Opera Crystal and Opera Typhoon


The “Mosquito” tip allows the filling mechanism to absorb the ink even from the smallest drop. Visconti is also giving its new Snorkel Filler to anyone who decides to try out this unique piece of technology. The Snorkel is designed to fit directly on the nib and extend its reach so that it can get to every inkpot’s bottom – as deep as it may be and no matter what its shape is. The gadget is very easy to use and it’s a good complement to the tubular nib.


The shape of the nib is also developed so that it’s very easy to clean after the filling: A single and brief touch with a cloth will be enough to remove the slightest  hint of ink stain. The Cromium 18, the particular alloy Visconti used to produce this new generation of nibs, is more resistant to corrosion than the materials traditionally used in pen-making and it operates with a precision close to 0,001 mm.

The new Opera with the Mosquito Filler

This revolutionary nib is a breakthrough in the fountain pen’s long history: easy and intuitive handling, efficient pen filling, no drying out, fast cleaning, and resistance to corrosion. We strongly believe in this innovation so we decided to add the Smartouch Tubular Nib to our most recent creations – the new Opera Limited Edition and the Pininfarina in carbongraphite.

Visconti Pininfarina in carbon graphite

Visconti plans to invest more in this technology, so stay tuned. You won’t be disappointed!

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