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Squaring The Circle, Nearing Perfection



With each pen we make, we want to communicate an inspiring principle, a philosophical aspect and everything we do has a deep, somehow hidden, meaning.A distinctive trait of some of our pens is a peculiar shape we call “squaring the circle”.These pens aren’t rounded, but they’re not even faceted. If you touch them, you can feel some sort of smooth and round angles.The “squaring the circle” shape relates to a symbolism we hold very close as it resumes our propelling force which drives us to always improve .

Nordic Fjiord-01_600.jpg
Opera Club Nordic Fjord

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that the square and the circle are among the most basic and used symbols of the hermetic and alchemic ideographism.The circle is the sign of the Unity of the Principle and of the Sky and as such indicates its activity and cyclic movements . The circular movement is perfect, immutable, with no beginning, no end, no variation; as such it can represent the time which in turn, can be defined as a continuous succession of instants each one identical to the other. The square is the symbol of the earth as opposed to the sky, but it is also, on another level, the symbol of the created universe: earth and sky, as opposed to the non-created and to the creator: it is the antithesis of the transcendent. The square is an anti-dynamic figure, anchored on its four sides.In connection there is always an analogy and correspondence between the beginning and the end of any cycle but at the end the circle is replaced by the square and this indicates the realisation of what the hermetists designated symbolically as the squaring of the circle. It is the squaring of the circle which expresses the two creating and conservative laws of the universe: movement and stability.

opera club600.jpg
Opera Club Cherry Juice

Also, squaring the circle is  one of the most ancient problems of geometry. To “square a circle” is a theoretically infinite activity, to pursue which you need a rule and a compass in a neverending adjusting process.And it’s exactly that neverending adjusting process that defines us as fine writing instruments creators. We’ll never stop listening, studying and learning. Nothing is perfect but everything is beautiful: with our imaginary rule and compass we’re trying to extrapolate such beaty from the things that surround us, we’re trying to make a circle out of a square and viceversa.Imagine a spiked and jagged stone. Imagine the loving hands of the artisan that patiently levigate it  We strive to be those loving hands.When Edwin Abbot Abbot in 1884 wrote Flatland, he had ironically imagined a society whose inhabitants were bidimensional polygons, the more sides they had, the higher places they covered in their world. Those who had the highest number of sides were similar to circles and closer to “perfection”… undoubtedly an original but effective point of view!

Opera Elements: their colors recall the alchemical elements

As this is one of our most important symbols and distinctive traits, we shaped some of our pens following such principle.The Wall Street, The Opera series (Opera Club, Opera Elements, Opera master demo, Opera Crystal/Typhoon and so on), some of our nicest limited editions,…they all come in such particular shape.The Squaring the Circle shape will always be for us a reminder that no matter the success we may obtain, we can and will always improve!


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