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Homo Sapiens Bronze Cufflinks
Here at Visconti we have this idea: no aspect of the human being should be neglected. Since our foundation we were clear in our message: we didn't just want to make writing instruments; we wanted our pens to be a joy to the sight, pleasant to touch and feel and in general we wanted them to satisfy one of the main human needs, to always be in touch with the Beauty of the world.
Therefore, we've recently conveyed our messages with other objects: we've produced precious leather Dreamtouch men's accessories, we've engineered haute horlogerie timepieces and we also made artistic cufflinks.
In other words, with Visconti you'll never feel undressed!
Divina Elegance Blue Cufflinks
Our cufflinks will embellish your suit in a sober and elegant way, with a touch of italian creativity! Above you can see the cufflinks dedicated to our most recent Divina offspring, the Elegance in brown and blue. We used the same resin that was involved in the pen making process, so that these cufflinks have a particular translucence, with their different tones and shades and gold dust. Just like the pen, these items have thick and shiny silver veins.
Salvador Dali Cufflinks
These cufflinks celebrate the Salvador Dali Surrealistic Collection pens, which in turn refer to the famous Dali's collection known as "The persistence of memory".
Green enamel and gold are finely carved by the most skilled and reknown Florence artisans. The result is the very quintessence of our passion for fine arts, epitomized in a hand crafted collector's item.
And this is just the beginning: over the next few days, we'll post on our Facebook page the whole Cufflinks collection, so stay tuned!
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