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Visconti Pininfarina Iridium

“Pininfarina has developed a unique item with Visconti, in which tradition blends with innovation. The pen is by definition the means by which thoughts, ideas and projects are expressed. From tomorrow we will be proud to use the Pininfarina Carbongrafite, an authentic jewel Made in Italy, to sign our new projects”. Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of Pininfarina - 2013.
Since its release back in 2013, the original Visconti "Pininfarina" has been considered a real breakthrough into the fountain pen field. The material it was built with, carbongraphite, was at the same time resistant, light, pleasant to the touch, elegant and sporty to the view. Today we announce another offspring to the Pininfarina line: Iridium.
With the Pininfarina Iridium we created a material whose iridescence touches the whole color spectrum, depending on the viewing corner. If beauty lays in the eyes of the beholder, so does the Pininfarina: each time you'll look at it you'll always see a different, striking pen; you'll treasure every moment you hold this writing companion and your writing experience will be truly unique
The Pininfarina Iridium is a special limited edition; we made only 388 fountain pens/rollerball pens. Nib is Visconti patented Flextouch Chromium 18 Tubular Nib (EF - F - M - B - ST size). Filling System: retractile converter. The pen comes in its special Iridium packaging.
For more information contact us at visconti@visconti.it
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