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Wall Street Celluloid

We take our inspiration from everything in the world that sparkles with vibrant energy, enthusiasm and life. In 2003 we decided to valorize one of the most paradigmatic symbols of humanity and progress itself: a metropolitan skyline with its skyscrapers.


Skyscrapers, as they reach for the sky, testify humanity’s will to always improve itself and reach new goals. Manhattan bay and its wonderful view was the first skyline we had in mind when we created the Manhattan fountain pen and later on, in 2003, the Wall Street. Inspired by old masterpieces from the beginning of the past century, we wanted to create a pen whose colors and lines could represent both our craftmanship at its finest and a tribute to progress and modernity. Everything about the pen testifies about Visconti’s touch, starting from its "squaring the circle" shape.


 The Wall Street is made of precious celluloid with its unrivaled resistance to scratches, warmth to the touch and generally pleasant feeling while handling it.This particular kind of celluloid is obtained by a very peculiar way to cut many sheets of it in order to create different layers of material. The result is a brilliant and unique look, like that of the skyscrapers. When it was released in 2003, the Wall Street had a gold nib (18kt or 14kt), which was then replaced by the Dreamtouch Palladium Nib for a more peculiar and personal writing performance.



There are two versions of this fountain pen, a regular one and a limited edition, produced in 4000 pieces for each color (gray, burgundy red, green and blue). The regular is  cartridge-converter filled while the limited edition has a Visconti patented power filler. Both versions have a silver trim so well inlaid on the cap surface that it's barely noticeable to the touch, if it's noticeable at all.With the Wall Street Visconti definitely took another big step along the path through excellence.



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