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    Experience time-honoured craftsmanship and Italian design. Appreciate the skill, care and attention of Visconti brand in the full range of pens and watches. Visconti applies its innovative and original design approach to both collections. From its regular to its luxury bespoke models, the perfect combination of fine materials,

  • <span>Medici Pens</span>
    luxury pens
    This pen is an homage to the noble family that, during the 15th century, has been the main sponsor of artistic, scientific, cultural and spiritual life of its times.
    Visconti and Medici path are very similar as patron of arts. The pen is faceted with eight sides like the baptistery of Florence.
    The shape is made following the rules of Divine Proportion, codified from Leonardo da Vinci under the hegemony of the Medici family. Medici has won the prize as 2017 Masculine pen of the year

  • <span>Pro Dive</span> 3000 <span>Abyssus</span>
    Professional Diving watches
    From its grade 5 titanium case to its sharkskin strap, the Limited Edition Abyssus epitomises the perfect combination of style and function.
    The luminescent coating on the hands and dial make it clear and readable when light is low.
    Waterproof to 3000 metres, the exclusive Visconti design and innovative construction combine in this striking watch with a great character and a serious attitude.

Über uns

1988 brachte Visconti die Schreibgeräteindustrie nach einer Zeit der Abwesenheit nach Florenz zurück und machte die florentinische und italienische Handwerkskunst zum Symbol für seine Produkte, denen die folgenden Werte zugrunde liegen: italienisches Design und italienische Kreativität, Handwerkskunst, Qualität, Luxus.