Medina FP



Medina FP
By April 2019
€ 52.000,00*

Color: Glossy Ivory / Green and Rosé Gold
Material: Acrylic, Solid Gold 18 Kt & White Diamonds
Body: Over
Nib: Pd 23 kt
Nib Color: Rosé Gold
Nib Point: F-M-B-EF-S
Filling: Power Filler
Ltd: 18

Islam is one of the great religions of the world and we thought it was right to create a tribute to the symbolic town where Muhammad was politically active during most part of his life and then died: Medina.
Medina is turned from ivory colored resin bars whit a green marbled cap recalling the famous dome of the city, one of the most well-known symbols of Islam together with the Kaaba. The decoration pattern, which is also the focus of the entire pen and that represents the doors of the holy chamber where the Prophet was buried, is conveyed by the wonderful micro casting artwork of the shaft in solid rosé gold 18 kt.
The cap is decorated by a large ring with the same patterns, in harmony with the shaft, and the clip on it, in solid rosé gold 18 kt as well, is a faithful representation of one of many columns inside the Mosque.
Precious and bright white diamonds get encrusted both on the cap and the body of this masterpiece from the Visconti’s atelier.

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1988 brachte Visconti die Schreibgeräteindustrie nach einer Zeit der Abwesenheit nach Florenz zurück und machte die florentinische und italienische Handwerkskunst zum Symbol für seine Produkte, denen die folgenden Werte zugrunde liegen: italienisches Design und italienische Kreativität, Handwerkskunst, Qualität, Luxus.