On 2018 Visconti has presented a larger set of nibs, thanks to some novelties.
Visconti confirms its attitude and skill to research on new technologies/materials to improve its writing instruments and to make them even more special and distinguishing.

1. High performance steel nib (New): Breeze, Mirage, Master of Art, Impressionist, Vertigo

The new high-performance steel nib has a modern and minimal design, an exceptional fluidity of writing; the ink is always ready to scroll to the command.

In addition to the letter, the dots (•) indicate the writing thickness:

Available in F-M-B - Regular size color: steel, black

• stands for the new F (fine from Visconti): it gets the best both from the thin line of Extra-Fine and the smoothness of an easy fine writing
•• stands for M (Medium)
••• stands for B (Broad)

2. Steel + Gold nib (New) - Vertigo, Pentagon, Divina Fashion

As ideal balance for high quality, price performance and pen added value, Visconti has made more precious the classic steel nib adding a solid gold 14 kt symbol, with a special craft.

Available in F-M-B – Regular size color: steel + gold

3. Tubular Steel nib - HS Silver Dust 

It is the classic Visconti in house steel nib.

Available in F-M-B, EF-S - Large size color: steel

4. Skeleton-1 nib (New)

Optional: HS Elegance, HS Dark age, HS Evolution, Silver Dust, Torpedo, Portofino

Visconti has realized a new skeleton nib, based on a high-performance tubular, with such a special design and skeleton cut, which makes the nib to look like both vintage and modern at the same time, depending on your personal feeling.
This skeleton nib, thanks to the wonderful craftsmanship which produces the steel cut, gives a special touch to the pen.

Available in F-M-B. EF-S - Large size color: steel black

5. Palladium 23 ktDreamtouch- All HS, Medici, Silver Dust, Divina Elegance, all Limited, all HRH

The iconic Palladium nib from Visconti, worldwide famous.

Available in F-M-B. EF-S - Large size color: Palladium, Bicolor, Rosè

This nib is suggested for expert writers as it adapts perfectly to your hand’s habits.
It is very flexible and smooth but with medium elasticity and resilience.

Über uns

1988 brachte Visconti die Schreibgeräteindustrie nach einer Zeit der Abwesenheit nach Florenz zurück und machte die florentinische und italienische Handwerkskunst zum Symbol für seine Produkte, denen die folgenden Werte zugrunde liegen: italienisches Design und italienische Kreativität, Handwerkskunst, Qualität, Luxus.