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Asia Fountain Pen

This unconventional collection took inspiration from the centuries-old fascination with the Orient. The fountain pen is reminiscent of a bamboo stalk.


Type: Fountain Pen

Colour: Blue / Green / Red

Material: Celluloid

Pen body: Regular

Nib: Pd 23kt (small)

Nib colour: Palladium

Nib Tip: F / M / B

Filling: Power filler

Closure type: Screw lock

Metal fittings: Ag925

Limited edition: 138


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Celluloid is a refined material that has been used to create writing instruments since the beginning of the 20th century. It is pleasing to the touch and has a comfortable grip.

Asia is available in 3 colours: blue, green and red. The pen alternates 5 stacked coloured celluloid sections and 5 solid black ones.


The shape of the Asia collection follows the elegant and pleasing lines of the evergreen and vigorous bamboo. To emphasise its slender shape, the pen’s body and cap are exactly the same dimension.

The 8 metal rings that decorate the pen are made of silver Ag925.

Closing mechanism and clip

The pen closes with an elegant twist on mechanism. The arched Visconti clip is embellished with black enamel that ties in with the black celluloid sections, common to all three colours.

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