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Breeze ballpoint pen

Easy to handle, colourful and free-spirited, the Breeze ballpoint pen Give life life to your creative mind’s thoughts with this light and colourful ballpoint pen.


Type: Ballpoint pen

Colour: Blueberry / Cherry / Lemon / Lime / Mandarin / Plum

Material: Acrylic resin

Pen body: Regular

Filling: Refill A38

Closure type: "twist" mechanism

Finishing: Palladium

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Fountain Pen Rollerball pen

This pen is made in resin, a material that is very resistant and pleasant to the touch.

Resin also allowed us to create the vibrant shades that characterise the unforgettable Breeze collection.


The vibrant soul of the Breeze ballpoint pen is reflected in its packaging.

Start a new story

The Breeze ballpoint pen is the perfect writing instrument to step into the world of calligraphy and pens.

This writing instrument is streamlined, colourful and bright.

Breeze stays true to our Visconti values, and launches them towards the future.

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