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In honour of the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri's death, we created a limited edition that takes the very name of Florence’s greatest poet. The rollerball version is divided into three sections: hell, purgatory and paradise.


Type: Rollerball pen

Colour: Ivory

Material: Acrylic resin / Silver

Pen body: Over

Filling: Refill A40

Closure type: Screw lock

Metal fittings: Aged silver

Limited edition: 321

4.500,00  VAT inc.


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Fountain Pen

For the creation of this limited edition, the pen’s body and cap are made in ivory coloured acrylic engraved with the scrimshaw technique. The metal fittings, in silver with an aged silver treatment, are shaped with a casting technique.


The body of the pen is meticulously decorated with scenes from the Divine Comedy. In the creation process, we have focused primarily on the importance of the love that Dante conveys through his work. Two portrayals of love can be found on the pen. At the bottom and in hell, Paolo and Francesca and at the top, in paradise, Dante and Beatrice. The central silver ring made with the microfusion technique, represents purgatory with a spiral of souls slowly ascending from hell to heaven.


The base of the specially made case is made of mahogany and contains a glass ink bottle and the collection’s booklet. On top of the base, a brass structure with the sculpture of an angel and demon at either end showcases the pen. The position of the two statues is representative: the angel, standing and facing upwards, contrasts with the demon, sitting with his back to the pen and facing downwards.

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