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Il Magnifico Black Marble fountain pen

The preciousness of the Il Magnifico Black Marble fountain pen is enhanced by the contrast between the black marble and the 18kt rose gold nib produced in-house.


Type: Fountain Pen

Colour: Black and Gold

Material: Portoro Marble

Pen body: Over

Nib: Au 18kt (big)

Nib colour: Rose gold

Nib Tip: EF / F / M / B / S

Filling: Power filler

Closure type: Hook safe lock

Metal fittings: Bronze

Finishing: Aged Bronze

Limited edition: 188

With the purchase of this pen you can request our complimentary My Pen System customisation service during checkout.

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Portoro, known for its golden streaks that range from deep yellow to honey, is considered the most precious of black marbles. The intense black colour comes from the strong presence of organic matter while the process of oxidation gives life to its striking golden veins. Portoro marble is one of nature’s enchanting and timeless works of art.


The Portoro marble body of the pen is shaped into the iconic octagonal shape inspired by the Baptistery of Florence, using specific high-precision machinery. Our semi-precious stone expert craftsmen manually polish each of the pen’s components before assembling them.


The box dedicated to the Il Magnifico Black Marble collection is made of black varnished wood and embellished with the same engravings that characterise the pen’s metalwork.

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