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Machina rollerball pen

Some of the revolutionary drawings of Leonardo’s Atlantic Codex have been reproduced on the Machina rollerball pen through the complex and refined scrimshaw technique.


Type: Rollerball pen

Colour: Aged silver / Vermeil / Rose gold

Material: Acrylic resin

Pen body: Over

Filling: Refill A40

Closure type: Hook safe lock

Metal fittings: Aged silver / Rose gold / Vermeil

Limited edition: 288

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Fountain Pen

The artisanally made resin barrel and cap are decorated with some of Da Vinci’s revolutionary technical drawings of machines. These illustrations were taken from the Atlantic Codex, one of the greatest collection of the Tuscan genius’s drawings and writings.

The scrimshaw technique

Our version of the scrimshaw technique is reminiscent of the ancient art of sanguine drawings used by the greatest genius of all times.


The Machina rollerball pen is accompanied by a mahogany box in the shape of an icosahedron, a 20 face polyhedron that represents water and its movement.

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