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Why gift a luxury pen for Christmas?
Scegliere una penna da regalare a Natale

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Why gift a luxury pen for Christmas?


Why gift a luxury pen for Christmas?

Have you run out of ideas for gifts this Christmas? Sometimes it can prove difficult to pick out an object that creates a glimmer of joy in the eyes of a loved one. Whether you are planning a surprise for a lifelong friend, a present for a dear colleague or a thoughtful gift for a family member, a writing instrument is an infallible gift option that is rich in meaning.

Christmas, even more than other special occasions like birthdays, graduation parties, professional milestone celebrations and anniversaries, remains the ideal time to treat someone close to your heart. So how do you choose the perfect gift that fits the lifestyle and tastes of the person you have in mind?

Gifting a pen: the triumph of timeless quality

At a time when we are learning to rediscover the value of manual dexterity and the pleasure of writing, gifting a functional object that is both pleasing to the touch and visually stunning is guaranteed to get a good reception. Another point to take into consideration is how original your gift will be. Choosing something unique and personal will undoubtedly add more meaning to your surprise.

Functionality and exclusivity can coexist to create an object that is both useful and timeless, just like it does in our luxury pens. These perfectly crafted writing instruments, if well taken care of, will gradually be imbued with all the recipients’ stories and emotions, accompanying them on their life’s journey.

An extra touch of sophistication and beauty can be added to your gift by showcasing it in an elegant case or in one of the palmellato leather pen holders and cases from the VSCT line. Visconti’s artisanal tradition, attention to detail and experimentation are but some of the distinctive features that make our writing instruments practical and versatile objects, to be used every day, but also to be collected and handed down from generation to generation.

A tailor-made gift

The Visconti range of products includes ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pens, which are all well suited for gift ideas. Before choosing which type of writing instrument is right for your present, evaluate each model carefully, like one would a piece of jewellery, and keep the personality of the person you want to surprise in mind. If you are thinking of giving a pen to a person with a dynamic lifestyle, perhaps the two first models are a better bet. If, however, you want to surprise a more experienced calligraphy enthusiast and pen connoisseur, then you had better opt for a fountain pen with a timeless charm.

If you want to make your gift truly unique, use the My Pen System service, which allows you to personalise most of our pens with the recipient’s initials, or embellish it with a special symbol that could be a tacit message between the two of you. With the Atelier service, you are given the opportunity to design a writing instrument from scratch, choosing the model, shape, materials, colours and finishes to meet the tastes and preferences of the person you want to dedicate it to.

Should you wish your present to stand out from the others under the Christmas tree, why not rely on our limited and special edition pens?

Art lovers will fall will be enchanted with our Old Vineyard with Peasant Woman, The Novel Reader and Wheatfield with Crows collections. These writing instruments, available in three versions, are inspired by Van Gogh’s iconic masterpieces. The ones who prefer more modern aesthetics will surely enjoy our most popular designs such as the Cage collection, created by architect Marta Sansoni, the Homo Sapiens Ember collection, made with a special weave of 3k carbon and copper threads and the Homo Sapiens Blue Lagoon collection, a splendid example of a demonstrator pen.

The gift of a pen is always a gesture of generosity and deep esteem. In order to make it absolutely perfect, one must carefully select the distinctive features that best reflect the recipient of this beautiful and meaningful object.

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