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Medici ballpoint pen

The Medici family brought Florence to its architectural and artistic pinnacle. This ballpoint pen is our tribute to the great Florentine house.


Type: Ballpoint pen

Colour: Golden Black / Golden Blue / Rose Gold

Material: Acrosilk resin

Pen body: Over

Filling: Refill A38

Closure type: "twist" mechanism

Finishing: Rose gold / Yellow gold

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Fountain Pen Rollerball pen

The combination of precious resin and silk fiber give the Medici pens a glossy and elegant effect.

Clip and closure system

The Medici ballpoint pen comes with laser engraved Visconti arched clip and closes with a twist mechanism.

The symbols of Florence

The Medici ballpoint pen represents two great symbols of the Tuscan capital.

The writing instrument’s 8 facets are inspired by the Saint John Baptistry and the fleur de lys pattern chiseled on the body’s metal band derive from Florence’s crest.

The relationship between the lengths of the barrel and cap follow the golden ratio.

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