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The new Opera Demo Carousel fountain pen features the iconic Visconti 14kt nib, produced completely in-house.


Type: Fountain Pen

Colour: Blue Cottoncandy / Mint / Red Velvet / Rose Blush

Pen body: Regular

Filling: Power Filler Double Reservoir

Material: Acrylic resin

Nib: Au 14kt (big)

Nib colour: Palladium

Nib Tip: EF / F / M / B / S

Closure type: Hook safe lock

Metal fittings: Palladium

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Each Opera Demo Carousel colour variant is a blend of three types of semi-transparent acrylic resin. The combination of these materials gives the pen its brightness and uniqueness.


Our double reservoir system, patented in 1998, makes it possible to fill the instrument through two communicating yet independent reservoirs. This system is extremely safe on flights where changes of pressure usually cause leaks and spillage.


For this collection we have gone beyond the usual concept of a demonstrator pen: for the first time, in fact, not only is the pen transparent but also the shaft of the power filler double reservoir system. It is now possible to see the ink travel inside the double reservoir as the pen is filled.

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