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Asia Collection

The deep connection that links man to nature in Asian philosophy is portrayed through the pen’s bamboo stem shape. This noble plant is renowned for its ability to combat pollution.

“Be like bamboo, hard and compact on the outside, soft and hollow inside. Its roots are firmly planted in the ground and criss cross with other plants’ to help strengthen and sustain each other. Its stem does not resist the wind, but shifts and moves to let it pass. What bends is much harder to break.”

Buddhist proverb


Bamboo is a strong and flexible plant that can thrive in any environment.

For these reasons, it represents mental flexibility and fluidity of thought.


Shizen means nature in Japanese.

Learning about other cultures can open up new horizons and allow us to see our own world in a new light.

We have let ourselves be guided by oriental philosophies in which the relationship between man and nature is based on the perfect balance and the highest expression of vital harmony.

Asia Fountain Pen

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