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Homo Sapiens Ember

From the complex interweaving of carbon and copper wires comes the new limited edition Homo Sapiens Ember collection. Inspired by the incandescent lava bursting out of the volcano at the moment of eruption, this writing instrument is a symbol of nature’s power and liveliness.

“Every now and then, with the tremors of earthquakes and the eruption of volcanoes, the Earth reminds us that it is alive, moving, and in constant flux. If it were not so, we would not have continents and seas, valleys and mountains.”


Antonio Maria Mira


The intertwining of copper and carbon threads echo the luminosity and dynamism of magma in its liquid state. The combination of these elements and the bronze metalwork recalls lava, the absolute protagonist of the Homo Sapiens collection. This fusion of matter gives the pen an elegant, weathered and decisive look.


The uniqueness and innovative side of this Homo Sapiens pen derives from the use of 3k carbon and processing techniques taken from the automotive world. These technical elements are combined with iconic Visconti features such as the Power Filler filling system and the 18 kt gold nib produced in-house.

Homo Sapiens Ember Fountain Pen


Homo Sapiens Ember Rollerball


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