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Homo Sapiens Midnight in Florence Collection

A midnight stroll through an ancient Italian city. Florence, veiled in darkness, reveals a beautiful facet that remains hidden during the day. The outline of majestic buildings fades into shades of grey, purple and blue and frees the mind to see past reality.


“I entered Florence. At night.

Almost asleep,

I trembled hearing what

the soft river told me.”

Pablo Neruda

Colour and transparency

The Homo Sapiens Midnight in Florence collection is a brilliant example of a demonstrator model.

Shades that range from purple to grey seem to shift and move, revealing the inner workings of this exceptional writing instrument.

The Other Side of Beauty

Under the blanket of night, a familiar landscape is transformed into a new place of endless possibilities and unfamiliar perspectives.

The Homo Sapiens Midnight in Florence pays homage to this hidden and mysterious beauty.

Homo Sapiens Midnight in Florence fountain pen


Homo Sapiens Midnight in Florence rollerball pen


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