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Medici Collection

The Medici collection is dedicated to one of the most important and powerful Italian dynasties that led the Florentine golden age.

The pen’s shape was designed following the principles of the golden ratio. Its material, a combination of resin and silk fibre, is reminiscent of the exquisite Florentine stone mosaics visitors can admire in most Medici villas.


“It wasn’t by chance

that Italy became the homeland

of the Renaissance and

thus the cradle

of modern thought.”

Harald Høffding

The Medicis and Florence

The history of Florence and the Medici are entwined, one cannot exist without the other.

It is almost impossible to wander around the city without finding a symbol of the great dynasty that ruled Florence throughout the entire Renaissance.

The baptistry and the lily

The Medici pen has eight facets just like the Florence baptistery whilst the chiseled lily on the metal band has been a symbol of the Tuscan capital for over two millennia.

Medici rollerball pen

Available in other colours

Medici ballpoint pen

Available in other colours

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