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Torpedo Collection

This collection is inspired by an architectural and design movement called Bolidismo that focuses on the fluidity and movement of shapes.

It was started in the 80s by a group of young architecture graduates from the University of Florence.


“The Bolidist has one

specific goal in life,

and one only:

l i v e.”

(From the Bolidismo Manifest)

The Shape

A torpedo isn’t only a self-propelled underwater projectile, but also a famous car model from the first part of the 20th century.

We have chosen to use Bolidismo concepts to interpret the two meanings of the word.

Dynamism and fluidity

The pen’s ogival shape lends dynamism and fluidity to the design.

This writing instrument uses two elements of our high-end collections: the skeleton and demonstrator techniques.

The carbon fiber of the barrel and cap perfectly integrates with the galvanised brass structure and the resin reservoir.

Torpedo fountain pen

Available in other colours

Torpedo rollerball pen

Available in other colours

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