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Voyager 2020 Collection

Inspired by space exploration and a fascination with the unknown, our new Voyager 2020 is set to carry you through your next adventures.

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.”


(W. Shakespeare, The Tempest, act IV, scene I)

Via Lattea Voyager 2020
Galassia Voyager 2020

The mystery of unexplored worlds

Throughout history, humans have always had an innate desire to explore – a desire that we all share here at Visconti.

Techniques and materials

The new Voyager pen is a contemporary take on a classic from the 1990s. It was designed by the Visconti team using special materials to give this writing instrument a unique three-dimensional look.

Punta Voyager roller
Penna Visconti collezione Voyager 2020 nera e viola
Particolare corpo penna Visconti collezione Voyager
M31 Andromeda Galaxy

Voyager 2020 fountain pen

Available in other colours
Penna stilografica Visconti viola collezione Voyager 590,00 

Voyager 2020 rollerball pen

Available in other colours
Penna viola Visconti Voyager 380,00 

Voyager 2020 ballpoint

Available in other colours
Penna viola Visconti Voyager aperta 280,00 

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