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Voyager 30 Collection

The Voyager 30 collection is made in ebonite, the first-ever material used for the creation of fountain pens. It celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Visconti brand.

“If I tell you that the city

toward which my journey

tends is discontinuous in space and time,

now scattered, now more condensed,

you must not believe

the search for it can stop.”

Italo Calvino

Time travel

Imagine setting foot in a retro styled living room. On the elegant writing desk, a suitcase lies open to reveal a Voyager 30.

This writing instrument celebrates two types of journeys. One physical in nature, the other, metaphysical and aimed at the discovery of the world of thoughts.

The first material used for fountain pens

Ebonite is the first material ever used for the creation of fountain pens.

Even though very few companies are still able to produce ebonite pens, we are still very much linked to this age-old tradition that has allowed us to fashion writing instruments of a rare and timeless elegance.

Voyager 30 fountain pen

Available in other colours

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