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Watermark Collection

The combination of the futuristic rippling effect of the Watermark filigree and the pen’s electric colours is a pleasure to the senses.

“Design can be art.

Design can be aesthetics.

Design is so simple,

that’s why it is so complicated.”

Paul Rand


In the Rainbow version, a special treatment gives the silver filigree a colourful shimmering effect.

The luminous geometrical shapes transform in a radiant rainbow with every move of the pen.

Best Pen Design 2017

The Watermark Demo Silver pen, winner of Le Stylographe’s Best Pen Design 2017, doesn’t only stand out because of the high level of skill of our artisans, but also for its original and unique structure.

Watermark fountain pen

Available in other colours

Watermark rollerball pen

Available in other colours

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