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Voyager 2020 ballpoint

Experience firsthand our brand’s deep-rooted sense for adventure and fascination with the unknown.


Type: Ballpoint pen

Colour: Alpha Centauri / Black Star / Orion Nebula

Material: Acrylic resin

Pen body: Over

Filling: Refill A38

Closure type: "twist" mechanism

Metal fittings: Palladium

With the purchase of this pen you can request our complimentary My Pen System customisation service during checkout.

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Fountain Pen Rollerball pen

Voyager 2020 is a classic with a modern twist, featuring mother of pearl resin, with a special material made of small rods assembled next to each other and then incorporated into the resin. Once blended, these rods add unique light to the pen and create the optical illusion of a 3D effect.

Visconti nera collazione Voyager 2020

Manufacturing process

The pen’s resin details are machine-turned at Visconti’s workshop, and polished and assembled by hand by our experienced craftsmen.

Punta Voyager roller

Metal parts

The pen’s metal parts are made of polished brass and plated with palladium.

Close up punta penna Visconti

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