Mecca RB



Mecca RB
By April 2019
€ 46.000,00*
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Colore: Glossy Black and White Gold
Materiale: Acrylic, Solid Gold 18 Kt & White Diamonds
Corpo Penna: Over
Pennino: -
Pennino Colore: -
Pennino Punta: -
Caricamento: Refill
Ed. Limitata: 18

Islam is one of the great religions of the world and we thought it was right to create a tribute to the symbolic town where Muhammad was born: Mecca.
The Mecca fountain pen is turned from a shiny black resin bar in a form which immediately recalls the architecture of the Kaaba to mind. For ergonomic reasons we have rounded the corners of this bar in order to make the pen a daily writing instrument. Four sides of the shaft and three of the cap are decorated with gold-lacquered Qu’ran verses in Arabic. Thanks to their designs they give the pen an extremely elegant look.
These writings are inspired to the Kiswa, the precious black cloth that cover the Kaaba with its golden writings. When the cloth is lifted up, we can see the original structure of the Kaaba made of bricks and the same bricks got represented by dazzling white diamonds encrusted on the solid gold 18 kt pen rings.
On the pen cap, there is a solid gold 18 kt clip with a balancing device, a common feature to many Visconti pens of the past, inspired to the Kaaba Black Stone, set in a frame of silver, that represents human eye.
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