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In more than 30 years of history ...

In more than 30 years of history, Visconti achieved a string of successes and proud accomplishments, big or small. These were made possible by the commitment of our craftsmen, driven by a deep passion for writing instruments and dedication to learning and improving ancient manufacturing techniques while keeping up with modern ones.

Through their work, Visconti pens became - and still are - unique items and a genuine expression of Italian quality.

Originating in the 18th century, the Scrimshaw engraving technique is an art form that began with whalers, who would craft elaborately carved objects made from whale teeth and bones. Details of these carvings were highlighted with a natural colored pigment, used to decorate the finished surface with pictures and lettering.

Once commercial whaling was finally banned, Visconti craftsmen retained this artistic technique from the past and masterly applied it to the materials used for writing instruments such as resin, celluloid or ebonite, creating real artwork on barrels and caps.
Techniques - About us

Prestigious and limited-edition Visconti pens ...

Prestigious and limited-edition Visconti pens are typically characterized by intricately worked metal, including valuable metals such as gold or silver, carved with geometric patterns or figurative images.

Known in the market as “skeleton”, this process is used to create a metal structure - an actual skeleton - that wraps the pen’s barrel or cap, enhancing the material and adding light and shine to it.

The result is a finely crafted instrument with a sophisticated, three-dimensional look.

The Portofino pen, among others, is a popular, recent example that combines the skeleton technique applied to solid silver with a noble natural material such as teak wood, highlighting its grain and texture.

Italy, Florence and Tuscany ...

Italy, Florence and Tuscany are part of Visconti’s DNA, which is why the company decided to recover one of the oldest local forms of art, that is fine jewelry.

With the contribution of local goldsmiths who passed down their knowledge through generations, our craftsmen expressed once again their creativity by using valuable metals and decorating pens with the filigree technique, now the preserve of a few experts.

The great dexterity required to make these artworks has an authentic, intrinsic value that is becoming increasingly difficult to find, adding up to the fine quality of the valuable metals used. Threads of different sizes, created by mixing gold and silver, are woven together and welded onto a frame, also made of gold or silver, which acts as a support for the finished decorations.

Once the decoration is ready, it is wrapped around a cylindrical support to create the right shape and to make sure that it perfectly fits the writing instrument, like a precious tailored suit. It takes more than thirty hours of manual labor to complete a single metal sheet.
Techniques - About us
Techniques - About us

There are many connections ...

Not surprisingly, because there are many connections with the art of jewelry making, the lost-wax casting technique was borrowed from the jewelry industry to make Visconti jeweled pens such as Casa Batlló.

A plaster casting mold is created from an original wax model with entry and exit points, and is then used to reproduce the desired parts, which are typically made of valuable metals. Once the plaster cast has hardened, the mold is heated to a high temperature so that the wax melts and is drained away, and leaves room for the desired metal to be molten.

When it all cools down, the mold is broken to reveal the final object, which will be polished and worked to become part of a unique writing instrument.
Techniques - About us

With its collections ...

With its collections and through the Atelier service, Visconti offers demanding customers the highest level of expertise in decorating complex and elaborate writing instruments, creating fine surfaces for precious gemstones.

Carefully set by trusted goldsmiths, diamonds, emeralds, rubies and other gemstones add a delicate touch of light to writing instruments, turning them into shiny pieces of jewelry.

With a long-established tradition ...

With a long-established tradition of making writing instruments and the knowledge of expert craftsmen, Visconti never stopped experimenting with contemporary art techniques to create masterpieces. Airbrushing is an example of this type of research, with the resulting glossy and shiny colors. The airbrush gun uses compressed air to spray fine layers of paint onto the body of the pen, decorating it with modern designs with a shiny finish. To add a sophisticated touch and mark the finest decorative details, the airbrush artist needs to master the process with a high level of precision, once again demonstrating the importance of the accurate manual work of skilled craftsmen.
Techniques - About us
Techniques - About us

While color has always been a distinctive feature of Visconti products ...

While color has always been a distinctive feature of Visconti products in the market for luxury writing instruments, many of the most sophisticated pens created by our designers in collaboration with artists from around the world were characterized by a manual painting technique - more precisely, the Japanese Maki-e lacquerwork.

Chinese lacquer tree resin is used to coat the pen in a shiny layer, fixing the colorful designs created on the pen with metal powder. While it is applied and as it dries, the lacquer is masterfully strewn with this fine powder; this complex and delicate artistic process adds great value to the finished writing instruments, turning them into real must-haves for enthusiasts and art lovers.

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