Watches : made in Florence

Watch’s Heritage

On 2013 Visconti has picked up the beacon of Florence city's heritage and decided to bring watchmaking back to the city.
1866 is the year of Officine Galileo’s birth in Florence: a continuous tradition of quality in high precision mechanic, supplying optical system  for Italian Royal Navy.
Officine Galileo became quite large anda wide knowledge and mechanical skill grew in the area. Nowadays Galileo is still running, being part of an international Group.
In the same period two more Florentine companies started-up.

Guido Panerai & Sons:

Established on1925, it was committed to Italian Royal Navy, for the naval device and instruments production.
On 1936, Royal Navy ordered to Panerai a wrist watch which had to be water resistant: this marked the history of watch production.
Panerai production was based in Florence before Richemont Group (they took over in 1997) moved it Switzerland, leaving in Florence only a commercial facility.


Established on 1938 by Enrico Ambuchi, an engineer who was working for Officine Galileo and decided to quit to focus on manufacturing watch cases and diving instrumentation. His small company survived to World War II, he grew a clever team and he was supplying watch cases to Panerai.
Enrico was able to leave know-how and machinery to the 2nd generation: his son Antonio, after a childhood in the midst of watches, notwithstanding his classical studies, first worked for the watch industry as an Engineer & Designer, then he ran the family business where he delivered finished watches for various brand, one of which was Panerai.
Antonio produced the last batch of "Italian" Panerai watches, before Richemont Group moved Panerai's production facilities to Switzerland.

Anonimo & Visconti

The Panerai moving left to Florence so many competences in watch making.
On 1997 Anonimo company (Florence) started up with the aim to use the Florentine know-how in watch making. Anonimo offered elegant timepieces with Italian Design, an original Case Engineering (i.e. Professional one the 1st 200 atm watch in the world) and a production technology which joined the best CNC machinery with the craftsmanship skills required for finishing and assembly.
After some years also Anonimo was taken over and then was moved to Switzerland.

It was the great opportunity for Visconti to collect the watch competences and skills.
On 2013 Visconti hired the watch team.

Visconti: Watchmaking again in Florence

It took some time to setup and to absorb the best values of Visconti.
On 2017, a new management took over to further support the company's growth.

It’s important to underline Visconti's approach to a Made in Italy Watch:
it is not only an issue to certify the region of the production, which could not be enough.
Most of all Made in Italy means to claim of being part of an artistic, stylistic and technical culture, different from the traditional one in watch production, respect to which Visconti wants to distinguish itself.

Visconti's Creativity: elegance and strength in Design, innovative graphical brand, introduction of style code belonging to a different tradition, extreme care in matching materials and colors, as an homage to Italian artistic culture, which can be either Classic (Humanism or Renaissance) or Modern as the literary or movie masterpieces of the last century.

These have been the founding values to Design of extraordinary writing instruments.
Today these values have been integrated into the skills brought by the Watch Team.

Visconti Watch Team is offering again to the watch market a unique Italian Style in Watch Making, even better than before, thanks to the contribution of Visconti blend of Italian Creativity and Luxury.

Internal Design & Engineering

One of Visconti's strengths is to be one of the very few small independent company to have an internal Watch Design and Engineering department.

Most independent watch companies hireexternal design firm (often the same) which design watches that are very similar one to the other.
The production is delivered by Far East suppliers, thus with a non-homogeneous manufacturing flow,which affects negatively Quality Control and in general the product.

On the other side, thanks to its watch team, Visconti has full internal Design and Engineering capabilities: using the most up to date CAD and modeling system (2D and 3D).

It means to be able to control all the manufacturing steps, the quality of components, as well as to be able to produce coherent products, with high performance and good maintenance.

The Visconti watches present very a distinguishing Italian design, further to have high technical contents and... An Italian Beauty.


Since the 1988, the Visconti brought the writing industry back to Florence after an oblivion period over the years andit has turned Florentine and Italian craftsmanship into an icon of its products accompanying its fundamental values: Italian Design & Creativity, Craftsmanship, Quality, Luxury.