Watches Guarantee

VISCONTI guarantees that its products will be repaired at no charge in case of eventual flaws in material or workmanship, during a period of 2 years from the date of purchase, except for damages arising from improper use /maintenance  and/or from normal wear.

Guarantee will be valid only showing a copy of the receipt of purchasing  of the product from a Visconti authorized dealer (Note: Amazon, E-bay, or other web delater are not authorized dealer. if not authorized by Visconti with a written letter), with the stamp and signature of the Dealer on the Guarantee info card.

Watch Repair Service

For small repairs user should refer to local dealer, who should have basic spare parts for VISCONTI watches.
In case of more complex repairs please return your WATCH to a VISCONTI Service Centre.
Please post your faulty WATCH and its components and its Guarantee Card to  one of the following address:

Via dell'Osservatorio, 120  I-50141    Firenze – Italy

To enable us to carry out the requested repair  with your  satisfaction, for each watch to be repaired , please indicate:

  • Dealer(Shop): Name & City
  • User:              Name, Last name, Complete address, Telephone number, E-mail

When a repair is out of guarantee then we will send you a quotation for the repair and then proceed to repair only after your approval.
Should you not approve repair, we will return you the watch charging only shipping costs.


Since the 1988, the Visconti brought the writing industry back to Florence after an oblivion period over the years andit has turned Florentine and Italian craftsmanship into an icon of its products accompanying its fundamental values: Italian Design & Creativity, Craftsmanship, Quality, Luxury.