Pen Collection

Homo Sapiens Evolution

Innovation and tradition have always been the core values underlying the Visconti mindset. An iconic piece since it was launched, the Homo Sapiens pen delivers a message of continuous evolution: the Homo Sapiens Evolution collection breaks traditional design rules, introducing a black PVD stainless steel cap and blind cap, in harmonious contrast with a lava rock body. A key pillar of human knowledge, geometry is emphasized by a curved engraved pattern on the metal parts, celebrating an intellectual journey that began more than 2,000 years ago and still holds a great fascination for humanity.

About us

Since the 1988, the Visconti brought the writing industry back to Florence after an oblivion period over the years andit has turned Florentine and Italian craftsmanship into an icon of its products accompanying its fundamental values: Italian Design & Creativity, Craftsmanship, Quality, Luxury.