• New Gift Set version!
    Mirage Gift Set FP
    All We want for Christmas is Mirage Gift Set.

  • A real Mirage!
    Visconti Mirage
    A mirage shows you things which are elsewhere, it overturns the visible.

  • Visconti Voyager 30
    Travelling is not the same without your Voyager 30

  • San Miniato
    A tribute by Visconti to the celebrations for the San Miniato al Monte millennium, a refined object in marble and silver.

  • Visconti Machina
    An ode to Leonardo's genius

  • Visconti Homo Sapiens Lava
    A luxurious writing instrument crafted from basaltic lava from Mount Etna in Sicily

  • Visconti Fine Watch Collections
    Discover the beauty and elegance of Visconti's timepieces

  • Visconti Torpedo
    Inspired by the Italian design tradition, Torpedo reinterprets the cut-out filigree technique and the transparency of demonstrator pens

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