Alchemy FP/RB


HRH KP56-01

Alchemy FP/RB
By April 2019
€ 8.000,00*
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Type:FP + RB
Color: Black and White & Yellow Gold
Material: Acrylic, Solid Silver 925 & Black Diamonds
Body: Over
Nib: Pd 23 kt
Nib Color: Two Tones, Palladium & Gold
Nib Point: F-M-B-EF-S
Filling: Eyedropper 
Ltd: 38
Nib Point

The body of the pen is entirely lathed out from a solid bar of precious glossy black resin, and it comes, as the cap, enriched with two overlay filigrees in Sterling Silver 925; one filigree is white gold plated, while the other is yellow gold plated. These filigrees represent the Leonardo da Vinci’s alchemical boards that were found in Florence in the Laurenziana Library of the Medici’s family: they are very symbolic and recall the union of the four elements which gives origin to the “Quinta Essentia” (5th element). The central part is adorned with two rings where black diamonds are embedded: they are the precious stones which best represent the esoteric approach to the alchemy theory.
This pen has two writing instruments in one: this is a revolution in the world of Silver 925 version pens. One side has the Fountain Pen with the famous Visconti 23kt Palladium nib and the other side has the Roller Ball tip. The fountain pen section is quite sophisticated in order to reference manipulation of strange substances and alembics; it has been designed to be refilled with a dedicated eyedropper.
This masterpiece gets provided with a dedicated pen-stand (that is also an inkwell) and box.  The pen-stand is shaped as the spiritual representation of the circle of life. Indeed, there are two dragons that are eating each other in a circle. One dragon dies while the other one is re-born. The pen can be standing suspended in the middle of the circle through a hidden magnetic system. The inkwell made of solid crystal is a copy of some medieval “magical” pots used during experiments hold in secret rooms: inside, there are two small cavities to host two different kinds of ink.

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