Daedalus Gold FP



Daedalus Gold FP
By April 2019
€ 16.000,00*
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Color: Rosè Gold
Material: Acryloid, Solid Gold 18 Kt
Body: Over
Nib: Pd 23 kt, Large
Nib Color: Two Tones, Palladium & Gold
Nib Point: F-M-B-EF-S
Filling: DR Power Filler
Ltd: 38
Nib Point

Taking inspiration from the myth and the ancient Greek mythology, the cut-out filigree is finely chiseled by hand and it represents the scheme of the labyrinth as well as the head of the Minotaur. All the details are highlighted by nice spots of glossy enamel. The filigree wraps a very nice translucent shining sky-blue resin. The resin has been developed from the Visconti experts and it has inclusions of silver colored dust to give the effect of the starred sky overseeing the labyrinth landscape. All the metal parts are in solid gold 18 kt.

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