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Forbidden City RB



Forbidden City RB
By April 2019
€ 19.000,00*
Web Price
Color: Glossy Red and Gold
Material: Acrylic, Solid Gold 18 Kt
Body: Over
Nib: -
Nib Color: -
Nib Point: -
Filling: Refill
Ltd: 88
We have represented the “Forbidden City”, one of most famous icons of the Chinese culture, inside a cage, as image of isolation and interdiction, which has been part of this place until the present days. Through the cage we can see the gods: the dragon, the phoenix, the lion together with others. They are reproduced and represented in various ways, which faithfully correspond to the real ones in the Forbidden City. They are miniaturized and reproduced by little sculptures in solid gold 18 kt which evoke this fantastic world; these have been realized with the technique of lost wax. The cage and the miniatures cover a finely engraved base in solid gold 18 kt with a typical oriental pattern, which resemble typical decorations of the Forbidden City. Underneath this decorative layer a functional part was laid down, in order to make possible screwing/unscrewing the cap and to support the whole structure.
Four precious levels combine with one another to create a real handcrafted masterpiece: the mother-of-pearl acrylic cage, the engraved solid gold 18 kt layer with the set miniatures and the inner mechanism of the pen.
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