Machina Rosé Gold RB



Machina Rosé Gold RB
By April 2019
€ 12.000,00*
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Color: Rosé Gold
Material: CNC Machined Resin Scrimshaw and Solid Rosé Gold
Body: Over
Nib: -  
Nib Color: - 
Nib Point:-
Filling: Refill
Ltd: 38

The genius of eclectic artist Leonardo da Vinci went down in history like few others, becoming a real Italian legend, born near Florence and celebrated worldwide. 500 years have passed since he died on 2 May 2, 1519, and it was unavoidable for Visconti to celebrate him for his massive impact on popular culture.

Painter, architect, engineer, scientist: Leonardo was many things, and Visconti picked his engineering talent to gather inspiration and design the Machina collection. Hand-crafted in three different limited-edition finishes – solid silver (288 pieces), vermeil (288 pieces) and solid pink gold 18Kt (38 pieces) – the resin cap and barrel reveal the technical drawings of some of Leonardo’s revolutionary machines, collected in the famous Codex Atlanticus. The use of the Scrimshaw technique and a colored pigment evoke Da Vinci’s beloved red chalk drawing art, showing once again the remarkable technical and artistic expertise of Visconti craftsmen.

Every pen comes with a dedicated mahogany box.

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