Visconti's products are 100% made in Italy and shipped directly from our headquarters in Florence. Because of the health emergency, all shipments have been temporarily put on hold.
Orders placed after the 24th of March will be processed as soon as the government gives the authorization to resume production activities.

Silver Dust FPS



Silver Dust FPS
By April 2019
€ 930,00*
Web Price
Color: Black/Silver
Material: Acriloid
Body: Over
Nib: 23KT One Tone Palladium, Large
Nib Color: One Tone Palladium
Nib Point: EF-S
Filling: Double Reservoir Power Filler
Ltd: 600 pcs
Nib Point
Based on the iconic Visconti shape of the Squaring the circle collection, that commemorate the ancestral and esoteric symbology, it has a clear body in acrylic resin with inclusions that recalls the silver cosmic dust.
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