Lumiere Diamond Pens

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Visconti - Le Lumiere diamond pens

The first ever diamond pen collection created by the exclusive co-branding Visconti-Le Lumiere, debuted in a 3-Day preview, started on June 9th, 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, at the world flagship store of Le Lumiere, The Gardens Mall.

The joint-forces of the two established and prestigious brands “Visconti” and “Le Lumiere” has thus created this new line of “Visconti-Le Lumiere” Diamond Pen collection, which is indeed an outstanding achievement.

The Visconti-Le Lumiere Diamond Pens is available at the flagship store The Gardens Mall. Visconti and Le Lumiere are working to a further distribution of the collection.

Le Lumiere – Diamonds of light

Le Lumiere is a jeweller known for its unique diamond cutting in perfect 8 hearts & 8 arrows.

Established in Hong Kong since 2003, Le Lumiere – Diamonds of Light is an international brand of premium hearts and arrows diamonds.

Le Lumiere is an innovative designer and marketer of unique diamond products. Le Lumiere is one of the pioneers in the diamond industry and marketing brand concept. Le Lumiere emphasizes strongly on the importance of the cut and other essential factors that defines the beauty of a diamond.

Le Lumiere - Diamonds of Light are characterized by perfect cut in correct proportions, precise symmetry and fine polish that are combined to produce an optimum display of brilliance and dispersion, allowing the light to gain strength and energy to reflect 8 Hearts and 8 Arrows images.

Le Lumiere combines important elements to produce the optimum display of scintillation and brilliance, namely Ideal Proportion, Perfect Hearts and Arrows, Eye Clean characteristics.

Le Lumiere diamonds are quality assured; each diamond is authenticated by laser inscription on its girdle.

The GIA 3 Excellent Grading Dossier Certificate and Le Lumiere Certificate of Authenticity, also accompany the sophisticated packing of Le Lumiere diamond of 0.30 carat and above. Le Lumiere’s signature collections are its solitaires.

Brand Message is: Diamonds of Light, Perfection & Finesse.

World Diamond Mark

Le Lumiere has been successfully accredited as the first and only Authorized Diamond Dealer of World Diamond Mark in Malaysia.

World Diamond Mark Authorised Diamond Dealer is the largest accreditation programme in the history of the diamond industry with the objective to sustain and improve consumer confidence for diamonds and diamond jewellery worldwide.

With this accreditation, it helps to increase consumer confidence knowing that each Le Lumiere diamond that they buy is in accordance to the code of conduct of the World Diamond Mark and are obtained only from reliable sources, and are not Man-made and does not has conflicting issues of its origins.

Diamond Pens Collections

On each pen of the Diamond Pen Collection, on the top of the Visconti pen, rests a Le Lumiere 0.15 carat Diamond, G color, VS clarity.

Visconti pens which are already featuring the Diamonds are:
  • Divina Black Medium Size Roller
  • Divina Black Ballpoint
  • Rembrandt Roller
  • Rembrandt Fountain pen
  • Homo Sapiens Bronze Roller
  • Homo Sapiens Steel Roller
But all Visconti pens featuring the Visconti MyPen system can fit a Le Lumiere 0.15 carat Diamond.

The combination of the Lumiere Diamond with the Visconti pen makes the pen itself a unique precious elegant writing instrument and gift.

Each pen comes with a 2-year International Warranty to be free from any mechanical defects (provided the pen has not been handled improperly) and also with a Le Lumiere Certificate of Authenticity that comes with an accreditation from World Diamond Mark.

Visconti and Le Lumiere, will continue to bring to you, future creations of fine luxurious diamond pens.


Since the 1988, the Visconti brought the writing industry back to Florence after an oblivion period over the years andit has turned Florentine and Italian craftsmanship into an icon of its products accompanying its fundamental values: Italian Design & Creativity, Craftsmanship, Quality, Luxury.